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SCI VALUE is a Reverse Value Engineering®, Project Management and Technical Due Diligence company which supports Developers, Real Estate Funds, SGRs and Banking Foundations in the pivotal task of not only binging a project to completion, but also to lay the foundation for the values of the future. Trust in human resources, proven methods, innovative software and different skill-sets united under one direction: these are our values ​​that give soundness to your real estate investment.

Value Engineering

Reverse Value

We are the creators of RVE® in Italy. With SCI Value’s RVE® the project estimate is economically and technically enhanced. We have proprietary methods that enable us to achieve better performance on orders, which generate added value.

RVE Reverse Value Engineering
Project Management Edilizia

Project Management

As a leading player in Italy in integrated Project Management, we plan and manage all activities relating to the implementation of the project. We start by examining the adequacy of the spending budget to optimise the processes with a view to saving time and costs.

Tender Specialist


We analyse Tender processes for projects and services. We work alongside our Customers drafting the invitation to tender, publication of the tender, examining the adequacy of the bids, final negotiation and award.

Verifica consistenza

Building and town planning
Project Monitoring

Our Project Monitoring service include field inspections ensuring that the project is carried out in compliance with times and costs. Identifying and reporting to the customer on any anomalies during the executive process of the project.

Verifica consistenza

Real Estate
Due Diligence

We offer a comprehensive analysis of both the property and its development from a technical and planning perspective. We carry out documentary and technical compliance checks for quick and safe transition.

Verifica consistenza

Technical and economic
consistency assessment

Our experience and the tools available to us enable us to estimate Hard and Soft Costs to check project feasibility, confirming or not that the initial budget is consistent with the estimated expenditure.

The method

Il nostro metodo
Il nostro metodo

The action of SCI VALUE is the result of a proprietary method, that has been implemented and further refined in almost thirty years of business experience in the construction sector and on various major orders.
Our work begins with you, with what you aim to build or redevelop. It starts with the scrupulous analysis of your project, studied in terms of feasibility and within the established budgets, followed by a detailed project appraisal study, the selection of suppliers and construction systems capable of significantly improving the work performance and to generate savings.
We also outline supplier vendor lists to identify competitive offers on construction products and systems. Everything contributes to a new cost estimate, for a balanced investment and a linear and efficient construction process at every stage.

price plus software

Price plus - The dynamic pricing software of SCI S.r.l

SCI VALUE believes in research, to offer its customers and partners tools capable of making their work more efficient. Here are the projects currently under development in our Research and Development division.

Price Plus® – The dynamic pricing software of Sci Group
The first system capable of implementing dynamic price lists for public and private works, in the utilities sector and in developing countries. An integrated platform, fully customizable and that is able to forecast projects and work budgets.

The system addresses the needs of two business segments:
  • Soggetti Istituzionali che pubblicano prezziari (governi, Regioni, enti pubblici)
  • Utilities del Gas, Luce, Acqua, Telefono, Industriali

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price plus software